‚ö° SDET Mastery with Java

Master UI-API-Mobile Automation testing in 5 months

  • 170+ hours of Lessons
  • Live Doubt solving classes
  • Live Projects to put in Resume

ūüďÖ ¬†Batch Details: 15th June 2024

ūüēó¬† ¬†Weekends: 9pm to 1030pm IST

  • Duration: 5 months
  • Language: English
  • Modules : 11
  • Certification: Yes

Course Overview

  • SDET Mastery Course is a customized bootcamp for students and professionals who¬†wish to excel in the field of Automation for (UI-API-Mobile) Automation along with Performance Testing.
  • This course isn‚Äôt just about learning automation; it‚Äôs about embracing an end-to-end understanding of UI, API, Mobile Automation and Performance Testing that¬†propels careers and transforms futures.
  • This Course designed by¬†Jatin Shharma¬†(10+ years of Experience in Automation and DevOps)¬†so that students can understand automation testing from end to end spectrum and do not limit their knowledge to a particular tool.
  • More than¬†+2120 students¬†have been able to not only learn automation testing but were also able to get better salary growth with this course.


What will you Learn?

Linux Module

37 videos
Time : 7 hours 20 mins


In this module, we would go through a deep dive of understanding what is Linux you need to Learn Linux and also learn important Linux Commands, Create Shell Script and Even work on AWS EC2 instance.

By the end of this module you would have mastered 30+ Linux Commands and also would have got the confidence to create Shell Scripts for automation.

Here is Sample Recording for the same:




36 videos
Time : 12 Hours


In this module, we would go through a deep dive of understanding what is SCM, why you need it, and want is the internal working of GIT SCM. We then will move into understanding commits, branching, tags, and working with the remote repository. Throughout the course, we would be using Gitlab as the Remote Repository.

Topics to be discussed
  • Introduction to SCM
  • Working with linux Command (Basix)
  • Installing Git on local Machine
  • Git Basic Commands
  • Git Branches
  • Merging Branches using Rebasing and Merge
  • Handling Merge Conflicts
  • Working with Remote Repositories
  • Assignment Create Git Branch Model

Sample Lecture :

API Testing with Postman

35 videos
14 hours


In this module we will start by the Project KT. Understanding what needs to tested, how to write test cases and strategy for testing the application. This is the real time knowledge that will be useful to you to test and automate web applications.We will then move into the world of APIs and understand the reason to test APIs and how to test APIs.


Topics to be discussed
  • ¬†Project KT
  • ¬†Understanding Web Application Component
  • ¬†Different Types of API
  • ¬†Components of API Request
  • ¬†HTTP verbs
  • Working with Variables in Postman
  • Writing Tests in Postman using Chai.js
  • Data Driven Testing in Postman
  • ¬†Executing Postman Collection using newman and generating the report.
  • ¬†Creating a Continous Testing Plan using Git Postman and Jenkins

Java Master Class

97 videos
Time : 80 hours


This is heart of the entire course. In order to learn and master Automation Testing, your major focus should always be on learning programming language. This bootcamp will focus on Java Programming Language.


Topics to be discussed
  • ¬†Data Types in Java
  • Conditional Statements
  • ¬†Control Statements
  • Array 1Dimensional
  • Array 2Dimensional
  • Working with String
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Classes and Object
  • Encapsulation
  • ¬†Working with Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • ¬†Interface
  • Abstract
  • final
  • ¬†static
  • ¬†Exception Handling
  • Enum
  • ¬†Records
  • Streams
  • Lamda Expression
  • Working with Files
  • Working with POJOs

Rest Assured API Testing

17 videos
Time : 8 hours



Topics for Discussion:

  • Making API Requests in Rest Assured: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE Methods
  • Understanding the Distinction between Headers and Parameters
  • Serialization and Deserialization of JSON Data
  • Utilizing JSON Path Class for Efficient Data Retrieval
  • Crafting API Requests Using the Given-When-Then Style
  • Harnessing the Power of Hamcrest for Assertion Matching
  • Validating JSON Structures with JSON Schema Validator
  • Employing Filters in Rest Assured for Enhanced Request Control
  • Effective Request Logging Strategies


12 videos
Time : 8 Hours



Topics for Discussion:

  • Data-Driven Testing with TestNG Data Providers
  • TestNG Asserts: Asserting Test Results with Precision
  • TestNG Reporting: Generating Comprehensive Test Reports
  • TestNG Suites: Organizing and Executing Test Suites
  • Integrating TestNG with CI/CD Pipelines for Continuous Testing
  • TestNG Annotations: Advanced Usage and Best Practices
  • TestNG Dependency Management: Controlling Test Execution Order
  • TestNG Configuration Annotations: @BeforeSuite, @BeforeTest, @BeforeClass, etc.
  • Extending TestNG Functionality with Custom Annotations
  • TestNG Soft Assertions: Handling Test Failures Gracefully
  • TestNG Data Providers: Fetching Test Data from External Sources
  • Exploring TestNG Extensions and Plug-ins for Enhanced Testing Experience


11 videos
Time : 9 hours


Cucumber is a software tool that supports behavior-driven development. Central to the Cucumber BDD approach is its ordinary language parser called Gherkin. It allows expected software behaviors to be specified in a logical language that customers can understand.

Topics to be discussed
  • How does Cucumber Works?
  • Gherkins 101
  • Working with Features
  • Working with Scenarios
  • Working with Background
  • Working with Comments
  • Working with Spoken Language
  • Hooks in Cucumber

Working with Apache POI,OpenCSV,Fillo and Database

7 videos
Time : 5 hours


Topics for Discussion:

  • Managing Application Properties: Reading and Writing from Properties Files
  • Handling Data in CSV Format: Reading and Writing Operations
  • Excel Data Manipulation: Reading and Writing Techniques
  • Efficient File Operations with Fillo: Reading and Writing into Files
  • Interacting with Databases: JDBC Connectivity and MySQL Database Operations

Selenium WebDriver

37 videos
Time : 14 hours


In this module, we will delve into Selenium WebDriver, a pivotal tool for automating UI tests for our web application.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Mastering Element Locators: Techniques for Efficiently Locating Elements
  • Interacting with Web Elements: Methods for Effective Interaction
  • Handling Dynamic Elements: Strategies for Dealing with Dynamically Changing Elements
  • Managing WebDriver Instances: Best Practices for Handling Page Drivers
  • Navigating Windows, Pop-ups, and Frames: Techniques for Seamless Interaction
  • Uploading Files: Strategies for Handling File Uploads
  • Working with Date Pickers: Methods for Selecting Dates
  • Leveraging JavaScript: Integrating JavaScript Actions into Tests
  • Advanced Actions: Performing Complex User Interactions with Actions Class
  • Manipulating Tables: Techniques for Working with Table Data
  • Synchronization: Ensuring Proper Timing in Selenium WebDriver
  • Remote Browser Testing: Utilizing BrowserStack and Selenium Grid for Distributed Testing
  • Creating Browser Utility Functions: Developing Custom Utilities for Browser Management

Appium Mobile Automation

27 videos
Time : 8 hours


In this module, we will explore how Appium empowers us in Android mobile test automation. Appium, an open-source test automation framework, is designed for native, hybrid, and mobile web applications.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Understanding Appium Architecture: Insights into the Framework’s Structure and Components
  • Configuring the Local Environment for Appium: Setting Up Appium on Your Machine
  • Utilizing Appium Inspector: Examining and Interacting with Mobile Elements
  • Gesture Automation in Appium: Techniques for Performing Gestures on Mobile Devices
  • Implementing Page Object Design Pattern in Appium: Best Practices for Structuring Test Code
  • Capturing Screenshots in Appium: Strategies for Taking Screenshots during Test Execution
  • Integrating with Continuous Integration Tools like Jenkins: Streamlining Test Automation in CI/CD Pipelines


12 videos
Time : 7 hours


Introduction to Jenkins

  • Introduction to CI/CD and its benefits
  • Overview of Jenkins: History and purpose

Advanced Jenkins Concepts

  • Installation and setup of Jenkins
  • Navigating the Jenkins dashboard
  • Creating and managing Jenkins jobs

CI/CD and Deployment Automation

  • Configuring deployment pipelines with Jenkins
  • Using tools like Docker for containerization in the deployment process
  • Managing configuration and environment variables in Jenkins
  • Security best practices for Jenkins: Authentication, authorization, and access control


9 videos
Time : 3 hours


Introduction to Docker and Containerization

  • Understanding the need for containerization
  • Overview of Docker: History and purpose
  • Core concepts: images, containers, and registries
  • Installation and setup of Docker on different platforms
  • Basic Docker commands and CLI usage

Docker Images and Containers

  • Creating Docker images: Dockerfile and layers
  • Building custom images for different applications
  • Managing containers: creation, starting, stopping, and removal
  • Data persistence and volumes in Docker

Projects you will be building

Project 1:

Build CI-CD Pipeline for Project

  • Build CI -CD Pipeline on AWS
  • Create Automated Testing Pipeline for Selenium WebDriver and API Tests

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development process become smoother, your code become more reliable, and your software reach users faster than ever. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to a streamlined, automated software journey.

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development process become smoother, your code become more reliable, and your software reach users faster than ever. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to a streamlined, automated software journey.

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development process become smoother, your code become more reliable, and your software reach users faster than ever. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to a streamlined, automated software journey.

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development

 Course Journey

Linux Module

First we will start with Linux Module. Our goal would be to master all important Linux commands that you will use on day to day basix while working on Cloud Servers.

Git Module

Learn Various Git commands that you will use on day to day basis that will help you work independently on your project!

Project KT

This is where will start with understanding the Project that we need to Automate!

Project KT is exactly similar that you get in your office.

Postman Automation

Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development process become smoother, your code become more reliable


Experience the magic of the CI-CT-CD Pipeline and watch your development process become smoother, your code become more reliable

API Automation

Using Postman and Rest Assured we will create a test automation framework for API component

UI Automation

Using Selenium  WebDriver 4 we will create a test automation framework for UI component

Mobile Automation

Using Appium  we will automate the Mobile Component


Finally we will the wrap the course by creating a impeccable CI pipleine using Jenkins and SONAR and Docker

Bonuses worth ‚āĻ60,000

Bonus 1

200+ Latest Scenario Driven Questions


Bonus 2

More than 100+ LeetCode Questions discussion


Bonus 3

Build Impressive Automation Project


Get Certified
  • Earn your credential of Expertise
  • Add Certificate to your resume!
  • Add certificate to your Linkedin
What our Students say.

Athrav PatilEngineer

I have taken one automation testing course from QSpider which was very Basic... i joined Jatin sirs training for SDET with Java was a game changer for me..

Thank you sir! Even in the interview people were impressed with the framework we built in classes

Shrey ShettyTest Engineer

Got to learn lot of new things under his mentorship regarding testing and framework. This also helped me a lot in landing job in onsite.

Renuka SidhaniQA
I have made the best decision in my career to join SDET course. It has been just a month so far I have learnt a-lot and I already got an offer with 80% hike!! I‚Äôm enjoying the learning experience here and excited for upcoming classes. Overwhelmed ūüėá

Kajal TalrejaTest Engineer

I have enrolled in the SDET bootcamp with Jatin and it's been a fantastic experience. The instructor (Jatin) has been incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. He has been there to help with all my questions, which has made the learning process much easier. I highly recommend Test Automation Academy for anyone looking to advance their skills in automation testing/Devops.

Anjali AnilQA Engineer

I have enrolled in the SDET bootcamp , and it's been an amazing experience. Jatin has been very supportive throughout the course. I highly recommend for anyone looking to upskill in automation testing and Devops

Mandar BhogateTest Automation Engineer
Very well in-dept understanding of automation concepts and assignment which help in practice of concepts......very much helpfull if any thing is not understood makes sure that each concept is understood by everyone in class.

Priyanka KalaTest Engineer
I highly recommend this course to everyone once in this field. The way Jatin explains the concepts, it not only explain well but make you learn and understand the topic during the class . The level of knowledge is like a sea & he delivers it very smoothly.
Practice part is also there with live projects.

Bharat VarmaQA manager

Equal attention was given to every individual which is the best part.Instructor Jatin is amazing.He helps you to learn concept in fun way and apply the concepts you learnt in practical way. Jatin is passionate about helping students. I highly recommend enrolling course with Jatin

Sonam JainSDET Engineer

I enrolled for Test Automation course and it has been amazing, Thank you Jatin, You clearly explained the basics in every sections and pointed out key things to remember as you teach, which were useful.

Afreen SheikhQA

I joined Jatin's Test Automation and DevOps course a couple of months ago, and it turned out to be a game-changer for my career.
Jatin explained complicated topics like AWS, Docker, CI/CD, Java, Test Automation Framework with such clarity that, with a bit of practice, I could perform tasks independently. I found training sessions engaging, well-structured, and tailored to provide hands-on approach and real-world examples.
This course taught me technical skills which are expected from a Tester in current international market along with testing.
I want to give 100% credit to the course content and Jatin's way of teaching for helping me develop skills to remain relevant in current competitive market.
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone aspiring to enhance their skill set and thrive in the ever-evolving world of Software Testing.
Thanks Jatin

Vinata JoshiSDET

I have joined Jatin's SDET classes last year and I highly recommend it to all the aspirants who wants to dive into the QA automation but dont know from where to start.His way of teaching is really good that one can understand the basics of Java very easily.

He gives personal attention to each of his student and really help in preparing for the Interview as well.

Thanks Jatin for giving me the confidence that it's never to late to start Automation.

ūüĎč About your Mentor

Hi, I'm Jatin Shharma. I'm an IT professional with 10 years of experience in Programming, Automation Testing and DevOps. I have worked with almost all kinds of tools to build the right strategy and solution for both Automation Testing and DevOps.

Tech With Jatin is designed to swiftly equip students and professionals with the latest IT trends, boosting their career success. As a full-time content creator, I simplify complex technical topics and share automation case studies and interview tips on LinkedIn for those who prefer reading over social media.

Now, I'm on a mission to help you get to the 100% salary hike in next 5 months in SDET and DevOps.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the Special thing in this course?

The duration of SDET Mastery Course is 5 months. Its one of the most exhaustive and in depth course you will ever find online or offline

Is This a Live Course?

The entire course will be conducted by Jatin Shharma LIVE

I am from Non Techincal background (BPO, Bank or Operation Role) Will this course help me?

Yes, the projects that you learn with us goes back into your resume and hence for people who are from NON IT you will have complete IT work experience during learning.

Will i get the recordings?

All the classes are recorded and you have access to the course for 2 years

Is coding background obligatory?

No all topics are covered from scratch. So you dont need to know any thing related to Java

Will I earn an industry-recognized certification?

You get a 5 months training certification which you can add in to your resume. Along with that the training happens on the Live project which you can show case in your resume too!

Refund Policy?

The nature of the course is such that we dont offer refund to LIVE or self paced course. So before registration please go throught the curriculam and videos 

Batch Details: 15th June 2024

[Saturday and Sunday] 9pm to 1030pm IST

Press E anytime to Enroll